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 Server Features

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PostSubject: Server Features   Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:10 pm

Custom Mob


These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances. Much of these APCs you will encounter appear and act almost exactly like a normal player, with skill sets of the corresponding classes they represent. They will kite you if you have lower run speed than them, they will root/slow you if you run away, and they will UD/UE/Heal if they get low, they WILL assist each other, there are APC healers that will assist, buff, and heal their APC group.

-Random Spawn
Many mobs found in LineAge2-EXCITEMENT have a large radius or grid, in which they spawn in a random location set around a predetermined point. Mobs such as Grave Keepers, Xelathouls, and many rare mobs, and a few APCs share this mechanic.

"Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories"

LineAge2-EXCITEMENT's mainstay, it's collection of truly unique stat modifiers and set bonuses makeup a large part of our content. From Relic Jewelry to Armor to Accessories, every item has a different bonus, mix and match them to create powerful combinations. All armors have a extra custom enchant bonus when the entire set reaches a certain enchant. You won't find most of the SA's on LineAge2-EXCITEMENT anywhere else! Some of these include
•Armor Penetration
•Magic Penetration
•True Damage
•Increased Damage as target's HP is lower
•When target's HP is low increases movement speed
•Increases True Evasion when HP is low
•Titanium Weapon Active Skill: Sudden Flash, Increases Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Accuracy for a short duration.
•Dread Armor Active Skill: Lex Talonis, Reflects 500% Physical damage and 100% Magical Damage (Includes ranged attacks and skills)
•Ignore Shield Defences
•360 Degree Attack Radius
•-200 Damage from all incoming attacks
•Increased HP received from HP Drain Skills.
•Damage increases as distance to target increases.
•Uninteruptable Casting, while casting a skill P.Def is increased by 1000.
•When Target is bleeding, each attack deals 50 extra True Damage
•Too Many to list!

Also Costum:

*Enchanting System
*Farming Zones
*Raid Bosses
*Hybrid Classes

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Server Features
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